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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. What is Wireless Broadband?

Wireless internet is broadband internet access that doesn't use a telephone line or cable network. You connect to the internet using radio frequency bands.

A wireless service lets you access the internet when you're away from home or out of the office.

2. What line speed and download quota do I need?

The best line speed and download quota for you will depend on how much time you think you will spend on the web. You can use the table below as an indicative guide for average usage. 

Please note that this is designed as a guide only, this will vary according to the size of the website, files sizes, MP3 recording quality etc.

Receive emails
Surf the Internet
Download images
Download Music files
Download small video clips
300 MB
10 per week
10 hours per week
30 pics per month
5-10 per month
1-2 per month
10Gb - 20Gb
50-100 per week
15-25 hours per week
200-500 per month
50-200 per month
5-10 per month
30Gb - 60Gb
per week
per week
per month
per month
per month

Dependent on plan speed- faster plans will allow you to download movies and music as well as play online games more quickly and easily than slower plans.

Light plans cater to those who use the Internet for basic tasks, like checking email or sports scores.

Medium plans let customers download much more content, including music and movies. Medium plan customers can also take advantage of online gaming.

Heavy plans are ideal for those who plan on downloading high volumes of music, programs, movies and anything else you desire.

3. What is ADSL?

ADSL in simple terms, is High Speed Internet. ADSL is the most common form of broadband found in the home and is most likely the type of internet you require.

Broadband offers you the benefit of using internet AND voice services on the same line, at the same time, without any time-based internet charges OR internet related local call charges.

4. What are the advantages of broadband over dialup?

- Always available
- No dialup costs
- up to XXX times faster
- reduces call costs
- Ability to use VOIP for making telephone calls (see VOIP section)

5. What is bundling?

Some ISP's offer discounts to customers who connect both their broadband and telephone service with them. Other benefits of bundling include multiple services (eg. Telephone, Broadband, Mobile, etc) being billed one bill.

6. What is VoIP?

VoIP is just another, cheaper way for you to speak to people all over the world. In the past, the "plain old telephone system" (POTS) was the only way to carry your voice across wires and cables to the person you were speaking to. However, now many people have broadband (fast) internet which is connected all the time. Since you can get webpages from around the world at no extra cost, it was inevitable that at some point people would start using the internet to talk to their friends instead of the POTS and in doing so, save a lot of money.

7. What is the call quality of VoIP?

There can be lots of reasons for poor VoIP call quality. Here's a few of them.

Poor call quality is not usually the fault of the VoIP service provider (VSP), although it can be. Lets not forget that for VoIP to VoIP calls that if you connect via a VSP that the rest of the call is not routed through their network. For calls to PSTN numbers (regular landline and mobile numbers) the quality of the PSTN leg, wherever that might be routed through and end up, is not within the control of the VSP, unless they have chosen to route/terminate their calls via an unreliable telco.

There are other issues which can affect the quality of a VoIP call:

1. The quality/latency of your connection to the web, which is down to your choice of ISP. (VoIP over a non-line of sight, non-WiFi hotspot, broadband wireless connection can have the same issues as VoIP over any other type of connection, as well as particular issues that are mentioned in point 9.)

2. The quality/latency of the other person's connection to the web if you are doing VoIP to VoIP, which is down to their choice of ISP.

8. What are my ISP\'s SMTP Mail Server Addresses?
ISP Outgoing Mail Server
Bigpond :
Dodo :
iiNet :
Optusnet :
Ozemail :
People Telecom :
Three (3G Mobile) :
Unwired :
Virgin Mobile 3G
Vodafone 3G
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