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Fixed Wireless Plan 

NBN Fixed Wireless broadband technology is changing the how we connect to the Internet. Faster and more reliable than what is available in most regions, the system works by installing a small antenna to the property to pick up signals from a wireless tower and an NBN network device. What you get is an internet speed of up to 25Mbps - better than most standard ADSL services.
It's also a game changer for rural areas where a fixed-line connection to the NBN is not feasible. The state-of-the-art fibre network that provides the Fixed Wireless service is also more stable - and faster - than mobile wireless services available at this time and uses the latest generation of 4G technologies.
When you are ready to join the future with Fixed Wireless, Internet Choice is here to bring you over.

Why Internet Choice Should Be Your Choice For Fixed Wireless

With more than a decade in the broadband industry and all the relationships we have cultivated with Australia's leading telecommunications companies, Internet Choice is the country's leading comparison website for combined broadband and VoIP packages. If you are looking for the best broadband for the money, you've come to the right place.
Not only does Internet choice supply you details of plans from 13 providers and 5 VoIP providers, but our customer support personnel are broadband experts who are also dedicated to the highest standard of customer care, providing you the best recommendations and advice about the Fixed Wireless plans available to you.
Whether you practically live on the Internet or are a more casual user, we can offer you complete telecommunications solutions to best suit your budget and needs. Our plans are sensible, affordable, and packed with exceptional features; they are the most competitive broadband service plans you will find in Australia.

The Very Best Plans, Right At Your Fingertips

Take advantage of our comparison database and enter your details to find out the very best satellite broadband service plans available in your area, or contact us with your questions. You'll be on your way to faster, cheaper satellite broadband in no time.
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