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Compare ADSL2+ Plans

Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a type of internet connection that utilises the same wires for internet connectivity that the consumer uses for their current phone lines. The ADSL connectivity works on a different frequency than the phone line, and this allows the users to receive calls while they use the internet.
ADSL2+ is the evolution of standard ADSL2. Customers who have ADSL2+ report faster internet speeds, and the closer you are, the faster speeds you'll enjoy. ADSL2+ is perfect for things like video streaming, downloading music, gaming online, and viewing websites with heavy content levels. The faster internet speeds will allow you to destroy your opponents in your online gaming quest or stream all of the videos you want without interruption.
ADSL2+ has quickly grown in popularity since it was released, and now all of Australia's leading telecommunication companies offer their customers the choice of ADSL2+ along with traditional broadband options. The choice comes down to how much data you need, how long of a contract you want to lock yourself into, and whether you plan to bundle your services with your home phone or mobile phone.
Since ADSL2+ gives consumers another choice, this is where Internet Choice comes in. We can include ADSL2+ plans in with our comparison services to give you the best deal for your money. If you have questions about the comparison service we offer, or if you want to get in contact with us, you can email us at and we'll be happy to assist you.
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