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What is ADSL?

There are dozens of choices for internet connectivity across Australia, and with the introduction of ADSL2+, the selection is even broader. Even though many Australians have moved to ADSL2+, hundreds of Australians still enjoy using ADSL.
ADSL is an internet connectivity option that works over the copper wiring that exists in your phone lines. It operates on a separate frequency, and this allows users to talk on the phone while they enjoy the ADSL services. You have to consider your location when you're thinking about using ADSL because if you live in a remote area, you may not be able to get a good connection.

Things to Look for When You Compare ADSL Plans

- Bundling Options. If you opt to bundle your broadband with pay TV, landline or mobile phones, you'll usually get a discount. This can potentially save you money, just be careful that it's worth the 24-month contract.
- Contract Length. Many telecommunication companies offer a standard 24-month contract. This can lower your monthly price, but it will also reduce your flexibility if you're not happy with your service provider. There are shorter contracts available, but you'll pay more for them.
- Cost. Check the monthly cost and the minimum total cost of your potential broadband package. If you choose a longer contract, your cost will be less, and you may get discounts on hardware and installation costs, but you'll be stuck until the contract is up.
- Data Amount. Broadband measures data by gigabytes (GB). The higher amount you get each month, the higher your bill will be. There are 'unlimited' plans available, but they slow down after you reach a certain gigabyte point.
- Speed. For the most part, you won't have that much control over the base speed of your connectivity. Factors like your wiring and location will play a big role in your connectivity speed. If you have TV cable connections or NBN fibre, you may be able to pay more for faster connectivity speeds.
- Unmetered Streaming Services. Many broadband plans don't count Netflix, Presto, or Stan streaming with their plans. This allows users to opt for a cheaper and lower download allowance each month.
If you have questions, or if you want one easy place to compare broadband services to make sure you're getting the most for you money, contact Internet Choice at We'll compare plans for you, and show you the best rates side by side. 
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