AusBBS (Australian Broadband Services Pty Limited) is an NBN specialist focused on the delivery of high quality Internet, Phone and local customer service. Let us make your switch to the NBN as smooth and cost effective as possible. By operating with the latest in cloud management systems we are able to keep our customer service staff in Australia to respond to the needs of Australian customers with local expertise and knowledge. Our goal is to be transparent with our customers, allowing industry best flexibility to ensure that you are getting value for money and access to the best online services available.
Bigpond is Australia's largest telecommunications provider. With coverage of broadband and mobile phone right across Australia they are the leading choice to many Australians.
Boom Broadband
Boom wasn’t created from a light bulb moment, or from years of technological advancements in fibre optics. It was created to change the status quo in the telecommunications industry, to give people choice and to return the word SERVICE back into the term service provider. After years of being charged with excess data usage fees, credit card fees, statement fees and all the other hidden fees the big players loved to slug us with, it made us ask the question… Is there a better way? And so Boom Broadband was created.
Since inception in 2001, Dodo has risen to the challenge of providing low cost, quality internet services to Australian consumers. Known for affordable dial-up and broadband, in recent years Dodo have increased their range of products to a wider telecommunications market, including pre-paid and post paid mobile and home phone, whilst maintaining their famous low prices.
iPrimus is one of Australia's leading Broadband, home phone and mobile companies with a proud track record of delivering value and innovation to telecommunications users Australia-wide. Since entering the market in Australia in 1997, iPrimus has been a frontrunner in ensuring the benefits of competition are passed to customers through lower prices and improved services. As a full service carrier, iPrimus offers a comprehensive range of voice, data, Internet and web hosting products to both residential and business customers. The iPrimus network offers nationwide ADSL2+ coverage via it's own DSLAM network with over 300 exchanges across the country and provides services across Australia via wholesale networks, all connected by our national and international voice and data network.
MyNetFone is an innovative and reliable company and the leading provider of VoIP-based telecommunications solutions. MyNetFone is Australia's most awarded VoIP services provider and is wholly Australian owned and operated. We are committed to providing top-of-the-range VoIP and Naked ADSL2+ services for the Home & Business guaranteed to save you a fortune off your phone and internet bills. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, and our friendly Sydney-based Call Centre staff are happy to answer all your questions and provide support. Call us on 1300 085 727 NOW to find out more about our services and how much you can save!
Rocket Networks
Rocket Network’s Fixed Wireless Broadband services, provides high speed Internet and networking for your company, events, staff, training needs, with fast internet or multi-site networks via the air. Our Fixed Wireless Broadband is great for businesses which are looking for higher speeds and volume from their internet. Our services are generally lower cost than fibre access . We also help by covering areas which have distance issues with current DSL Limitations or where no ports are available along with higher speeds options. At Rocket Networks we combine Hybrid Networking Technologies to give you faster internet for your business today. With services covering most of Metro Melbourne, and shortly Sydney and Brisbane metro areas. We can also tailor a solution just about anywhere in Australia and can build a solution in areas we are not currently active. Contact us to find out more.
SpinTel is an award-winning Australian company, established in 1995. Since inception, SpinTel has maintained a commitment to provide premium quality services at competitive prices. Being 100% Australian owned and operated.
TPG Internet offers dialup products, ADSL broadband access, permanent connections, email services, website and domain name hosting. TPG have both a domestic and international data backbone enabling them to provide high quality, low cost Internet services.
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