With the constant changes in broadband technology, data limits along with the introduction of streaming services such as Netflix and Stan, Australian consumers have never had more choice when it comes to the broadband provider.

If you’re one of the many Australian’s that hasn’t compared their broadband plan is the last 2 years then read on- you could be in for a great surprise (and a pocket full of cash!).

Keeping your household or workplace’s broadband plan up to date can save you money, increase your data allowance and also enable any faster speeds. What customers may not realise is that when providers change their plans and provide more affordable and an increase in data limits, you probably won’t be switched across and will be kept on what the provider calls a grandfather plan.

What’s a grandfather plan you ask? It is essentially the plan in which you’re on but no longer offered to the public. It might sound like an exclusive club to be in but generally more often than not, this basically just means that you’re on an old outdated plan in which you’ll stay on until you realise you’re paying too much.

So how can you see if you’re paying too much?

Our broadband comparison can show you a range of different plans available to you from a number of reputable providers across Australia. To get your comparison underway and to get the most out of your search, you can do the following:


Step 1- Visit our comparison starting point

Step 2- Select your connection type. If you’re unsure, you can visit adsl2exchanges.com.au to fin out what connection type is available to you.

Step 3- Select the maximum you want to pay per month along with what data limit you would like and what contract period you’d prefer.

Step 4- To customize your results, enter your details and hit the “Take me to the Plans” button.

You will then be given a customized search result listing all available plans that suit your needs and budget. Compare this with what you’re currently paying and if you find you’re paying too much, it’s simply the click of the signup now button, or for a call back, click on the “Enquire” button and you can organise to chat to someone from your preferred provider for ease of signup.