So the nbn™ has just launched or is about to in your area and you’re looking to see what speed suits you?

Great! Let us explain what speeds are available and give you a hand in ensuring you get the best speed you need to suit your daily broadband habits.

now there are generally 4 different nbn™ speeds- some providers will offer all 4, others may offer 3 or less so it’s a good idea to check out the fine pint if you’re looking to upgrade or downgrade at a later date.

The entry level speed is 12Mbps. This speed is not something offered by all ISP’s as it is in most cases, slower than ADSL2+ broadband. For those that don’t have access to ADSL2+ then this is a great entry level option but will limit your download speeds.

The main entry level plan is the 25Mbps plans. These speeds are on par, if not, slightly better than ADSL2+ so it’s something to keep in mind should you be upgrading from an ADSL2+ plan as you may not see any actual benefit in speed- not to mention going through the hassle of installing the NBN for a similar service.

The 50Mbps plans is when it starts getting far more interesting. This is twice as fast as your standard ADSL2+ connection and will allow you to stream on multiple devices and allow concurrent internet sessions without affecting speed performance.

The 100Mbps plan is the fastest residential speed currently available in Australia and provides a premium speed at a premium price. if you never want to worry about speeds and are comfortable on an unlimited plan, then this will suit you perfectly. A 24 month contract will provide comfort that you won’t need to upgrade anytime soon so you can save on your setup and modem costs.

For more information please see the comparison of speeds below:

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