When you hear about ‘peak time congestion’ or the ‘6pm slowdown’, do you know what it means? They’re talking about what happens when a lot of people are using the internet but there isn’t enough Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) bandwidth to support those people.

But I’m on an unlimited plan

Being on an unlimited plan doesn’t mean what you think it does – just because you have an unlimited plan doesn’t mean that you will never have congestion. In fact, those on unlimited plans are often subjected to ‘bandwidth throttling’ without their knowledge, due to the need by an ISP to limit bandwidth.

So, who’s to blame?

Ultimately, if the issue is congestion or data throttling then your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is at fault. They have chosen to not buy enough CVC bandwidth to support all of their customers in an area, which results in peak time congestion. This isn’t a new practice – many ISP’s have been doing it for years as it makes selling internet more profitable.

What can you do about it?

There’s an easy way to fix this problem – switch to an ISP that has committed to a congestion-free internet experience. For example, Aussie Broadband have now released their new unlimited data plans, with the promise to always supply enough CVC bandwidth for their clients and to prevent bandwidth throttling on their network.

So what exactly are Aussie Broadband offering?

After taking a hard look at the landscape, Aussie Broadband has decided to launch two unlimited plans into the market.

Their plans are offered on the nbn™ 50/20 tier for $79 a month and on the nbn™ 100/40 tier for $99 a month.

As Aussie Broadband has been fighting the good fight against unlimited plans and congestion for a long time, this move might be cause for concern for the provider’s loyal champions.

But Aussie Broadband, who prides itself on superior customer support with their Australian-based support team, will be watching their network performance like a hawk, and are committed to making their unlimited offerings the best in market.

In the spirit of transparency, Aussie Broadband will continue publishing daily CVC graphs, so that people can check bandwidth levels and any congestion there may be. They will also be doing the following:

  • Maintaining their commitment to stop connecting new customers in any area where bandwidth usage is at 80% and there is a delay on new bandwidth orders.
  • Implementing a new business rule that customers on a stop-sell POI won’t be able to change to an unlimited plan until the stop-sell is lifted.
  • Rolling out 10G protected backhaul to all POIs by the end of 2018 (excluding Tasmania), with 41 due for completion by the end of June 2018.

They have also built the margin into these services to be able to increase average CVC well above the included 2 and 2.5 Mbits.

What about their other plans?

Aussie Broadband’s two new unlimited plans will simply sit alongside their more flexible plans – where customers can choose data limits up to 900GB.

Their former 1 to 3TB plans (100/40 and 50/20 speeds) have now been replaced by the cheaper unlimited ones. The customers on these plans will be automatically migrated.

The new changes don’t affect any other existing plans at 900GB or less. So if you’re a customer, you can simply choose to switch if you want, or stay on your current plan.  

Some of the prices of the 50/20 and 100/40 plan sliders have reduced, and customers will have automatically received this new price from their next billing month.  

It’s worth noting that the nbn™ wholesale pricing doesn’t apply to fixed wireless, which means Aussie Broadband are unable to apply unlimited data to this technology.

Should I choose Aussie Broadband?

Aussie Broadband might be a small telco, but they manage to consistently punch above their own weight. In fact, they genuinely care about the needs of everyday Australians – and have thousands of reviews to back this up.

Switching to their unlimited data plans, or any of their plans for that matter, is a straightforward and worthwhile option to think about.

On top of their solid plans, Aussie Broadband also takes pride in being Australian owned and operated – with high-quality customer support. Their call centres are based in regional Victoria and are completely staffed by Aussies.

While rolling out unlimited data plans was a big decision for Aussie Broadband – and one they certainly didn’t take lightly – their new offerings signify a smart move for the provider in such a competitive landscape.