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Switch To An Unlimited NBN Plan On A Network That Actually Has The Capacity

When you hear about ‘peak time congestion’ or the ‘6pm slowdown’, do you know what it means? They’re talking about what happens when a lot of people are using the internet but there isn’t enough Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) bandwidth to support those people. But I’m on an unlimited plan Being on an unlimited plan

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What data limit should I choose?

When looking for a new broadband plan, there are many factors you need to think about to ensure you're either not shaped (internet slowed) or worse, incur excess download charges (you know the ones you hear about with customers getting a $10,000 bill!). With the increase of speeds, ease of use, tie this with TV

What speed is available on the nbn™ network?

So the nbn™ has just launched or is about to in your area and you're looking to see what speed suits you? Great! Let us explain what speeds are available and give you a hand in ensuring you get the best speed you need to suit your daily broadband habits. now there are generally 4

Optus releases Optus Sports with data-free cricket coverage

Optus has just launched their new content channel, Optus Sports which will add a 3 year partnership with Cricket Australia, adding to the telco's current live EPL coverage for Optus customers. The new deal will provide free access to the Cricket Australia Live Pass included for Optus customers from October 29, bringing them live streaming of

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