If you’re lucky enough to have access to ADSL2+ in a metro area, it’s likely you will have the ability to remove your home line rental- effectively saving you over $25 per month. Still need to make calls? No problems at all as you can continue to make calls over VoIP, which in many cases may also be included or optional with your Naked DSL provider.

So what is Naked DSL?

Naked DSL saves you paying for line rental on a home phone you probably never use. Find the best deal with our comprehensive Naked DSL comparison which will give you the option of call inclusions and the ability to remove your home line rental cost.

The idea of naked DSL is pretty simple: if the main reason because you have a phone line connected is to get broadband, then paying a monthly landline rental fee is a waste of money. A naked plan solves that issue for you, offering a broadband connection without any phone service at all.

No matter who you choose for a naked service, one inevitable inconvenience is that you’ll have a period of inactivity — anywhere from five days to 14 — where there’s no service at all while your old line is decommissioned and the new one set up. Yes, even though the same physical cables are involved, bureaucracy can take that long.

For each provider we compare, we’ve listed how much their monthly plans cost, what peak and off-peak data is available, how much they charge for setup (which tends to vary according to contract length), and what they do once you’ve exceeded your quota. Most providers will ‘shape’ your connection, making it slower but leaving it running, but some immediately charge excess fees. Shaping definitely saves you money, but can be frustrating when your connection slows at the end of the month. (Some providers will let you purchase extra full-speed data blocks if this happens.)

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